Movie Review – Mission:Impossible – Ghost Protocol

Mission:Impossible was good, Mission:Impossible II was poor, Mission:Impossible III was better, Mission:Impossible – Ghost Protocol is excellent.

Wasn’t expecting too much from this when I went to see it however I walked out of the cinema at the end pleasantly suprised.  You know it’s going to be good when the first 15 minutes are almost zero dialogue and pure action with Tom Cruise escaping from a Russian prison. This time around we have a few additional characters, non of them get a significant back story, but this isn’t Shakespear, it’s an action movie where character development is largely unneccesary.

Interestingly, Cruise doesn’t hog the scenes or the script on this occasion and some of the other characters do get a look in. This means it’s more akin to what Mission:Impossible should be about – a team dynamic, funky gadgets and high octane action sequences. Speaking of the action sequences, these are excellent throughout. Yes, the one that stands out does have Cruise dangling from the worlds tallest building but there are plenty of others to keep you going.

All in all a very enjoyable film. I’ve read other reviews that comment on the plot being overly complicated or having too many twists, but c’mon it’s not THAT complicated.

4.5 out of 5 tits.