Do YOU want to do a poo at Paul’s house?

Have you seen it? You must have done.

The kid walks into scene, backpack on (he must be going somewhere), announces to his

I need a POO

mum that he wants to ‘do a poo’, mother offers to take him but then it gets interesting when he announces he wants to visit ‘Paul’s bathroom’ (so that’s why he’s got his backpack).

“Dont be silly” says the mother, at this point the boy becomes rather stern “I’m going to do a Poo at Paul’s”.

I'm off for a shit at Paul's


Then the mystery is revealed by the voiceover woman – Paul’s bathroom has an air freshener!

The next scene now and inexplicably we are in a bathroom – presumably Paul’s but whats this – the mother appears to have accompanied the boy to Paul’s bathroom – does she have a key or have they broken in to use his shitter? 

The mother has resorted to breaking and entering

I don’t know. The advert never quite reveals who this Paul character is – perhaps it’s another boy, or maybe more sinister it might be a filthy paedophile. Either way, his bathroom smells nice.

Watch it here.