Movie Review: The Iron Lady

Margaret Thatcher – a controversial figure. A hero to some, a villian to others. But none would argue that she was an incredibly influential Prime Minister, whether that influence was positive or negative is very much down to individual political opinion.

The Iron Lady charts Thatcher’s rise from daughter of a shop keeper to Prime Minister of the UK. The film uses a flashback mechanism that some have criticised, for me it worked very well. Let me get this out of the way now – this is not a political documentary. The flashbacks are often brief and the film jumps ahead frequently which some may find jolting. Thatcher’s dementia serves as the catalyst for these flashbacks. I found myself quite moved watching the old, frial Thatcher flashback to times when she was by all accounts incredibly powerful. The film has been criticised for using the illness of dementia to tell her story, however I felt it was handled very well and serves as a look at the struggle people, no matter who you are, have with such an awful illness.

At the heart of the film is Meryl Streep. She puts in easily the performance of her career. She is simply outstanding. At points I forgot I was watching an American actress and instead felt I was almost watching Thatcher herself. She’s THAT good. She’s backed up by an equally impressive support however she steals the show with ease.

A favourite scene of mine is actually the opening which see’s Thatcher out buying milk on her own, dressed as any other old lady in a shop manned by an asian gentleman blasting out bollywood style music – the look on her face when she realises a pint of milk is 49p is priceless.

Does it paint her in a good light? Yes. Will it change your opinion of her? No. Is it worth your money to see it? Absolutely.


4  tits out of 5




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