Thundercats (2011)

Thundercats, the iconic cartoon of the 80’s has been remade. I must admit, i was more than a little sceptical about a remake of one of my favourite  cartoons. I remember when they first re-made He-Man. God it was fucking awful. They turned him from hulking bronzed adonis into a blond haired, tight panted, pony tailed doofus.

So I was expecting the Thundercats remake would be in a similar vein and they would have chosen to absolutely butcher the original characters and story. Having watched episode one and two, I can safely report I was wrong.

The animation has obviously been given a kick up the ass, the characters look a lot better. They actually look more cat like, granted one or two are still musclebound but for the most part the characters, particularly the main ones look a lot more sleek and feline. Snaps to Cheetara who’s rocking an impressive rack.

One thing that becomes quickly apparent is that Snarf – that god awful, incredibly annoying blob from the original no longer speaks. What an absolute stroke of genius this is. The new snarf is SUPER cute. I actually now like the character.

In terms of the mutants, we only get a look at Slithe. He hasn’t changed much to be honest, though he no longer appears to utter that annoying ‘Yesssssss’. Mumm-Ra appears late on – the jury is out on him. He looks the part, but the voice just isn’t quite there yet. Hilarious comedy moment when we think we are going to get to see Mumm-Ra change and he’s interrupted – I actually LOL’d.

Overall, this is a very promising start to this new series of the Thundercats.


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