What I watched as a kid #10


Premise –  a bunch of humanoid felines, land on a planet, set up home and have to go up against a band of mutants and a weirdo mummy.

Was it any good? It’s a classic. It had everything – a great intro, a sexy leopard woman, a cool sword that every kid wanted to own not to mention the sexual innuendo of said sword that gets bigger and bigger when the guy holding it gets excited.

The characters were cool too – Liono was the guy with the sword, he was actually pretty shit to be honest, every time he got in trouble he had to call his buddies – cue a sequence of him shouting ‘thunder’ a few times to give his sword an erection and fire out a big Thundercats symbol. Nice.

Panthro & Tigra were the two other guys – one was a big butch panther type who doubled as mechanic, never really liked him to be honest. Tigra was cool, but underutilised. He could turn invisible – how cool is that.

Then there was Cheetara – oh Cheetara. She was HOT. Ample rack, nice outfit, cool abilities, sexy voice. Pretty much everything a female cartoon character should be.

Jaga was a character who would pop up occasionally to deliver some boring words of wisdom mid-way through the episode, he didn’t serve any other function. The other Thundercats were throwaway to be honest, two useless kids and Snarf – an annoying fat cat. Not cool.

The bad guys were actually quite interesting. They were led by Mumm-Ra – the best way to describe him is to imagine Sky News political editor Adam Boulton as a Sith Lord and you’re nearly there. The other baddies were mutants based on a variety of animals – there was a giant frog, a monkey, a jackal and a vulture man. They were a bit shit to be honest and never won.

Anyway, loved this show and still catch an episode every now and then when I’m bored. They’ve just launched a re-make of the Thundercats that seems to be pretty much the same albeit with significantly better animation.


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