What I watched as a kid #8

Dungeons & Dragons

Premise – a bunch of unsuspecting children board a rollercoaster ride and are inexplicably transported to a different world and upon arriving are kindly equipped with magical weapons.

Was it any good?Yeah, it was pretty good. The intro to the cartoon kinda explained the plot of the show, it even introduces the Captain Picard

hello children..

meets paedophile dwarf Dungeon Master character who gives them all their weapons.

A ranger gets a bow and arrow, the Barbarian gets a little club, a Magician – he gets a hat, the Thief gets a cloak, the Acrobat who gets a big pole vault staff and then the Cavalier – who erm, gets a shield.

They have to try and find a way home but are being hampered by the evil villain – a big dude on a black horse called Venger who wants to steal their weapons.

While I recall watching this, I have no idea what happened to them all – does anyone know if they got home?

Watch the Intro here.


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