What I watched as a kid #7

Double entry here.. so to speak

He-Man / She-Ra

Premise – one’s a big tanned beefy guy, the others a long haired kinda hot sword wielding bint.

Was it any good? Of course, it’s an absolute classic. He-Man was first – a mild mannered, rather camp looking (check the pink waistcoat and furry purple undies/leggings combo) prince named Adam. However when he ‘held aloft his magic sword’ he became He-Man – he got a brand new outfit, that was even more homo-erotic but perhaps most interestingly he gets an instant tan going from pasty white to golden brown in the blink of an eye. Dont know if that was ever explained to be honest. His mode of transport was a big cat that also changed, instead of a tan though, the cat spawned a saddle and a bad attitude. Nice. He-Man after an episode would always break the 4th wall and deliver a moral to the story you’ve just watched – like I’ve just kicked Skeletors ass, but don’t play with big swords kids. He was cool AND a responsible adult.

Moving on to She-Ra – she was He-Man’s sister. She was a princess named Adora, again armed with a sword – but to make it a bit more girly it had a big pearl or orb in the hilt. She-Ra’s mode of transport was a big white talking, flying horse – what the producer was smoking when he thought up that is anyone’s guess. Now She-Ra didn’t get much in the way of costume change when she transformed other than a short skirt and a tiara but what she lacked in clothing she made up for in special effects. Her transformation is SO much better – its like He-Man’s transformation scene was done by Jim Henson’s muppet studio and She-Ra got in Industrial Light & Magic to do hers.

They both had enemies too – some rather bizarre, but in terms of who wins there it has to be He-Man. Skeletor was SO much better than Hordak. In fact Hordak was all a bit odd, he had a great big fackin’ cannon attached to his arm.

Watch He-Man’s transformation here.

Watch She-Ra’s transformation here.

Anyway, this was an absolute classic and for those who never got to experience these two, well.. I pity you.


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