Death of a legend…?

Amy Winehouse was found dead today. SkyNews broke the news and within minutes Facebook, Twitter and assorted other sites were swarming with various comments about her untimely demise. Words such as ‘talent’ and ‘legend’ were being thrown around. It’s always sad when someone dies, especially when it’s at an age so young.

However what I do object to is people labelling her a ‘musical legend’ or an ‘amazing talent’. She had a mere two albums and released a handful of admittedly good songs. Does this automatically equate to legendary status these days?

If we get this kind of gushing for Amy Winehouse what can we expect for the likes of Stevie Wonder, Tina Turner or Madonna? These people are musical legends and will go down in history.

Sad as it is, Amy Winehouse was a mediocre singer who led an incredibly destructive lifestyle and anyone who claims to be shocked at the news of her death really need to stop kidding themselves.


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