What I watched as a kid #6

Live & Kicking

Premise – saturday morning kids variety show that had music, games, cartoons and general nonsense going on.

Was it any good? This was the only show that managed to wake me up early on a Saturday morning. Presented by now TV producer Andi Peters and Emma ‘What ever happened to her’ Forbes it started at a shockingly early 9am. It was worth waking up for though – they had random music acts on with some top notch miming and the occasional live performance.

More importantly they had cool cartoons – Spider-man was awesome and of course who can forget the animated X-Men series. I could have written two entries about those two alone.

A bit further on in the run of the show they ditched Peters & Forbes and replaced them with Zoe Ball & Jamie Theakston … they didn’t have the same chemistry as the previous hosts and so I started to switch to SM:TV.

Sadly the intro wasn’t anything to write home about, but in the interests of nostalgia you can watch it here.


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