What I watched as a kid #5

Well this one is an absolute classic…


Premise – a dungeoneer wearing a helmet explores a medieval world with the help of three of their friends who could see what the dungeoneer could not.

Was it any good? Absolutely. I used to love this show. It used ‘advanced’ computer graphics and virtual reality to create the world, mixed in with real life actors. Of course, by todays standards the graphics are shockingly bad and the acting, well it was camp and over the top.. so similar to an episode of any of the soaps really.

The dungeon was manned by a bearded dude called ‘Treguard’ – I recall him being rather sinister, not in a paedophillic way but more in he’s had fifteen pints down the local and is after a bit of alleyway action. At some point he was joined by an annoying elf, but the less said about that the better.

Yet again, this show had an awesome opening sequence – a knight of some sort riding around trying to get into a castle. The tune itself was a typical 80s electro kinda tune, very similar to the theme from Streethawk for those of you who remember that too. Watch the intro here. Compare it to the Streethawk theme tune here.

Wish they brought this back…


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