What I watched as a kid #4

The Animals of Farthing Wood

Premise – a bunch of assorted animals have to move out of their home because evil humans want to build houses where they live.


Was it any good? Hell yes! I LOVED this show. I don’t recall much in the way of the plot but I do remember the Fox, the Vixen, the wise Owl (who I think was a lesbian), the Toad and the Badger. What I remember most is that they killed off quite a few members of the cast, sometimes in gruesome fashion. I distinctly have a memory of one of the animals being mowed down whilst crossing a motorway – it may have been a hedgehog? Does anyone remember who it was?

Anyway, this was quite a serious show considering it was aimed at kids. It also had a cute little theme tune as well. Reminisce and listen to it here.

Do you remember this one? We’re you put off being a property developer by it? haha.


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