What I watched as a kid #3

Brave Starr

Premise – it was kinda the Lone Ranger meets Star Trek. American Indian cowboy type with special powers.

Was it any good? No idea. I remember very little about this show except that the guy had four special powers he could call upon – some weird native animal spirit type voodoo shit. The eyes of a Hawk so he could see for miles, the ears of  Wolf so he could erm, hear stuff, strength of a Bear which didn’t cover him in fur but rather gave him super strength and finally speed of a Puma, why he didn’t channel speed of a Leopard I don’t know but i suppose a Puma is pretty fast too. Thing is, I remember being annoyed that he ALWAYS used the strength of a Bear but hardly used the other powers.

Being a cowboy he had a horse. Not just any horse. Oh no, this horse could be ridden on all fours like a normal horse but then could also go from quadraped to biped badass in the blink of an eye. It didn’t stop there, I recall him being armed with some big ass shotgun too. Some series fucked up shit.

Finally, a pattern is forming ‘cos this one had quite a good theme tune too, listen to it here.


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