What I watched as a kid #2

The Raggy Dolls

Premise – a bunch of random dolls made in a toy factory which didn’t meet the required standard and so were thrown into the reject bin.

Was it any good? To be honest, I don’t remember. First things first though, the theme tune was AWESOME – have a listen to it here. I don’t remember much of the plot, though I suspect we aren’t talking an Oliver Stone academy award winning effort here. I recall a few of the characters though – ‘back to front’ who’s head was facing the wrong way, ‘Dotty’ who has splashes of paint all over her, I recall her being rather stroppy. My favourite of all though was ‘Sad Sack’ – a big lump of a doll. He was scarily a prediction into the future – he was the worlds first obese doll.

The animation was SHIT, the narration was done by one guy who did ALL the voices but still I remember it fondly and seemed to enjoy it.

Anyone else remember this one?


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