What I watched as a kid #1

So since I’ve not posted anything for a while and a number of people have actively noticed – which is good – I’ve decided to be all nostalgic and discuss entertainment for the kids of the 80s and early 90s. Sadly this means if your reading this and were born post 1990 it’ll be wasted on you. Sorry.


Premise – a gameshow for kids set inside a big.. well Fun House. Hosted by Pat Sharp when he used to have a mane of hair a lion would be jealous of.

Was it any good? Yes and No. Before you got to the main bit – the Funhouse, the contestants had to do quiz rounds with random results, often resulting in them getting gunged, then it was on to the go-karting section which was actually not as exciting as it sounds before finally getting to the best bit. Pat Sharp was flanked by two random girls – two blonde twins, one dressed in red, one in yellow – no idea what their names were, nor do I have any idea what became of them – id suggest one became a hooker and died of an overdose and the other one became a mother of three working as a hairdresser.

The actual Funhouse bit was great – I’d love to have had a go. It was basically a big assault course for kids where you won prizes. Finally to its credit it had quite a catchy theme tune which you can listen to here.


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