I’m not psychic. I know this for a fact because ive never won the lottery. However I am going to make a prediction. You see for as long as i can remember I’ve had a bit of a connection to 11:11am.

Often when I’ve woken up of my own accord, the time would be 11:11. Sometimes during a morning I’d check my phone and the time is 11:11 – it’s not coincidence, it happens an awful lot.

So given my two recent brushes with death (see previous posts) im thinking this year we’ll have 11/11/11 11:11am so I’m a bit nervous about what I should expect. Another regular day… it’s a Friday if that makes any difference.

Strangely I thought I was on my own with seeing 11:11 on a regular basis… but then I googled it. Apparently it’s quite a common phenomenon. Uri Geller, you know that crackpot who can bend spoons, has even got an incredibly confusing web page about it – view it here if you’re bored.

So then, there appears to be a bizarre phenomenon going on with not just me, but a lot of people.

So there it is – if you are reading this after 11/11/11 and I’ve been killed in a horrific accident, then maybe I was psychic…

Does this happen to anyone else?



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