Stooping to a new low…

I see Katie Price has yet another new show – ‘Standing up for Harvey’. Something about Frankie Boyle’s admittedly crude remarks about Harvey.

So instead of taking a dignified stance on the matter and letting her lawyers handle the whole thing behind the scenes what does she do? That’s right, she whores her child out on TV. Does this woman have no shame?

If there is one skill Price does have its that she knows an opportunity when she sees on and she’s exploits regardless of the cost. I don’t know who is worse – her for actually making the shows, or the fools who continue to watch this utter nonsense. I mean are there really people out there who get excited at the prospect of learning ‘What Katie did next…?’. Perhaps its the same lot who watch ‘What Kerry snorted next…?’ or ‘What shockingly bad song will Peter release next…?’. It strikes me that instead of wondering what Z list celebrities are doing next, you should get off your undoubtedly fat arse and work out what you are going to do next !


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