Enter at your own risk…

A lot of reports in the news today about the death of a man who was attacked during a break in by the homeowner. What is perhaps more outrageous though is that those living in the property have been arrested on suspicion of murder.

Now the way I see it, if you consciously break into a person’s house with the purpose of stealing from them and you are caught red handed then they are well within their rights to subdue you by any means available. Of course in this country there is a whole debate about human rights and excessive force and all that nonsense. I’m so incredibly bored of hearing about the rights of the criminal and less about the rights of the victim.

I don’t agree with all of David Cameron’s policies but its good that earlier this week he announced plans to review the laws surrounding self defence if someone threatens you or your property. If you defended yourself in the street from a mugging and accidentally killed the attacker would you really expect to be charged with murder and serve a prison sentence because you are a danger to the public?

Obviously the amount of force used needs to be taken into account and I’m not suggesting that people across the UK arm themselves with semi-automatic weapons and empty an entire magazine into an intruder they happen to come across but if a burglar is stabbed by a resident of the property he’s been caught in well then that’s just an occupational hazard….


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