tweet, tweet, tweet…

So there you are, wandering down the street, its mid afternoon, the sun is shining and the birds are all singing… its lovely.

The care free tweets of all the birds in the trees, singing their songs of joy, treating us all to a lovely repertoire of bouncy if repetitive tuneful numbers. I’m all for this melodic addition to the day.

What I don’t appreciate is this live concert outside my fuckin’ window at 5am ! Since the mornings started getting lighter an entire orchestra of the little bastards think its appropriate to conduct a special repeat concert. Apparently birds sing to attract mates and that the ‘quality’ of the song reflects the fitness of the bird. Well, the one outside my window is at the peak of his birdy fitness!

I’d never normally consider consciously¬†murdering an animal but if it continues i may find myself purchasing some sort of air rifle!


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