Writers block

Struggling a bit these last few days to find something actually worth writing about. So I’ll just waffle about the week gone by… in no particular order

Went to Alton Towers on Monday. Didnt spot the sign for Stoke-on-Trent on the Motorway and didn’t realise until was approaching Stafford so took over 2hrs to get there instead of the usual 90 mins – what a doofus. They really need a new ride and I don’t mean some children’s ride, I mean a BIG rollercoaster… it’s beginning to look rather tired. Still it was a good day. The highlight? My friend Lee sitting underneath Air’s chain lift and .. well just watch the video here.

• I broke a key on my laptop keyboard. By broke I mean the ‘i’ key has come off and despite my best efforts i can’t get the fucker back on so it’s proving to be a right pain in the arse. Wouldn’t mind but it jus HAD to be a vowel didn’t it. Lady Luck is rolling around wetting herself somewhere. The bitch.

• Phoned my bank. It took SIX minutes before i actually spoke to a human being. Press this, press that, enter this number, enter a code, do a fucking dance, sing a song and then finally you get put through to someone who frankly didn’t have a decent grasp of the english language so i just hung up. Waste of time.

• Caught Prime Ministers Questions on Wednesday – Ed Miliband looks out of his depth. Even though he landed some punches with reference to cancer patients he still looked weak up against big Dave. Think Labour need a new leader and soon.

• Currently sat watching Paul O’Grady ‘interview’ Lady GaGa – how on earth did he manage to secure arguably the biggest celebrity on the planet at the moment. He’s just being a big suck up and isn’t actually asking any worthwhile questions. Not to mention she looks fuckin’ ridiculous even by her standards.

This might be the most boring post I’ve ever done.


One response to “Writers block

  1. Good old Columbo dies and not even a brief, cigar inserting investigation into his death! For shame!

    I bet if that ginger bitch Jessica Fletcher died she’d get a mention. Murdering, globetrotting witch she is, she didn’t solve a murder whilst having both a stroke and a roaming lazy eye at the same time did she??

    Sort it ahhhht !

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