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I’ve seen ‘A Clockwork Orange’ – I didn’t become inherently violent overnight. I’ve seen ‘The Texas Chainsaw Massacre’ and I didn’t head down to my nearest DIY store to pick up a chainsaw and go butcher a few people. Last year I watched ‘The Human Centipede’ and tempting as it was, I didn’t hunt down three people to attach to each other ass to mouth.

And so it’s disappointing that this week the BBFC have found it right to ban the sequel – ‘The Human Centipede II’. I’ve read the report and I appreciate it has some rather gruesome, graphic scenes in it but for the love of god its a film. Do we genuinely expect people to go out and try to produce a centipede of people and then masturbate over it? Really?

What really grinds my gears is that when you reach 18 in this country you are deemed an adult – if you commit a crime, you are tried as an adult, you can drink, smoke and do whatever you want within the remit of the law so why is it then if you are an adult and expected to act like one can a board of what I suspect is a gang of  60yo toffs tell us what we can and cannot watch.

This film isn’t going to be shown on ITV at 9pm on a Saturday night with a foreword by Ant & Dec. It’s going to be shown at the cinema where you make a conscious decision to hand over money and go and see it of your own free will. In addition to my knowledge when you sit in a cinema, you aren’t strapped in – if you don’t like it, leave. You’d do the same at home if you were watching something you didn’t like, you’d switch it off.

Would it be damaging to children to see it? Absolutely! But why should everyone else take responsibility for shit parenting across the UK.

And so I say this – what the BBFC are effectively saying is you are all adults, however we aren’t going to let you see this film because we don’t think you are adult enough to appreciate its fiction and you may go out and try to create a centipede.


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