Minor brush with death ..

Death. It comes to us all. Some sooner than others, some manage to avoid him for a very long time, some meet him all too soon but if there is one thing that is absolutely certain in life it’s that at some point you are going to die.

And so last night (and this is a true story, I kid you not) myself and a friend were in a taxi heading to town for a spot of dinner and a few drinks. Nothing unusual. En route to town, we both noticed the taxi driver was driving rather slow, a bit odd but he was rather old so perhaps that was just his style. Then he inexplicably put down both his window and the passenger window – again a bit bizarre but I was caked in aftershave so perhaps it was a bit overpowering. Towards the end of the journey my friend nudges me and says “He’s asleep!!”. I look up and low and behold in the rear view mirror the taxi driver is nodding off.

At this moment panic sets in because I wasnt wearing a seat belt, at the same time the car begins to swerve towards the pavement and just before I’m about to whack the driver to wake him up, he comes around and takes control. We managed to reach our destination alive and promptly reported him to the taxi company.

I can laugh about it now, but the driver could have easily mounted the pavement and killed a pedestrian or hit a wall and killed his passengers. So that’s my brush with death – perhaps he was flying about, black cloak and scythe ready to pounce and claim his latest victims. Maybe I’m now going to be subject to some sort of Final Destination style death now that I’ve managed to escape it.

The moral of the story – wear a seat belt and keep an eye on your taxi driver


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