Tulisa who?

So then, after months of speculation the judging line-up for the UK X Factor has been announced.

Out goes Cheryl, Danni and Simon isn’t around for the auditions so that leaves poor Louis and his new judging partners. Lets look at each in turn…

Gary Barlow – good old Gazza – he was confirmed a few weeks ago and in my opinion he’s a very good pick. Who would really argue if big Gazza suggested you were a bit off key? At least he know’s what he’s on about. A very successful singer, not to mention a fine songwriter too. I can see Gazza taking Simon’s role of unofficial ‘head judge’ and leading the panel. Bad points? He has a rather dull, droaning voice which makes him seem rather dull also does his addition mean that all Take That songs will be off limits for the contestants? No more Relight my Fire for Disco week.

Kelly Rowland – Ask someone to name the members of Destiny’s Child and most will reel off Beyoncé with no problems, on from that a fairly decent number of people will be able to name Kelly Rowland too. She’s walloped out a couple of decent dance floor stompers over the last few years and undoubtedly can sing. I think this is another good choice, she’s not exactly A-list but she’s definitely B or C list. She’s obviously filling the gap left by Danni and as much as I love Danni Minogue the thing that Kelly will bring that Danni never did is that I can imagine she’d have no qualms about actually performing on the show.

Tulisa Contostavlos – I can picture it now. An old couple sat at home tuning into the X Factor – there’s a slim chance they might know who Kelly Rowland is, there isn’t a chance in hell they’ll know who Tulisa is. This pick will either be an absolute disaster or a stroke of genius. Ironically she’s an untalented chav so she can technically pick up where Cheryl left off.  I don’t see it working personally, but i’ll give her the benefit of the doubt and see how she gets on.

I suppose if there is one silver lining to the new choices it’s that Lily Allen didn’t get a look in. I may well have never been able to tune in ever again.

Thoughts on the new judges?


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