It’s all a bit greek …

I often don’t have time to read books – not because I lack the ability to read, but more I lack the time required to read a book on a regular basis. That’s where holidays come in handy. Last summer, I needed a book to read on holiday and decided to start the Percy Jackson series.

I had an inkling of what the series was about – I knew it was about a young hero going on adventures with his friends and that it all linked in with greek mythology. It all sounded a bit Harry Potter-esque so I expecting a sub-par version of that series rather than a decent standalone series.

I finally finished the last book in the 5 part series last week and I can safely say it IS an impressive standalone series and whilst it’s never had the hype and attention of the Harry Potter series it’s almost as good and definitely worth your time.

What shines in this series is that interwoven into the story is all of the ancient greek mythology – they tried to teach me this at school but it never went in, however reading these 5 books has taught me more than any high school teacher could have. The references to the various gods are detailed, accurate and perhaps most impressive are told in the present. The gods aren’t all eating grapes and wearing togas anymore – they are in jeans, leather jackets, wearing shades etc because they are all around in the present.

So if you are looking around for a new book to read, if you enjoyed the Harry Potter series and are looking for something similar or if you are due to go on holiday and need a book to read you could do a lot worse than to pick up the first Percy Jackson book.

It’s a testament to the quality of the books, that I REALLY want to visit Athens now …


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